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Project and Application

Punto Interiors has adopted the principle of meeting the user needs in the most perfect way by considering the principles such as ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics, quality, duration and cost.

By combining the advantage of having a current knowledge of product and material knowledge with design trends, it also shows its professionalism in bringing modern aesthetic understanding and design principles together with living spaces.

With its experienced team, which reflects the importance it attaches to design in architectural organizations, it produces projects that meet customer expectations.

Integrating its 22-year sectoral experience with the researcher aspect, our team manages the details such as project phase, budget planning, implementation phase and commitment period as a whole.


• Architectural and Interior design 2D / 3D concept project design
• Interior architecture and decoration projects
• Application and manufacturing projects
• Budget studies and feasibility reports
• Project cost calculations
• General project coordination and management
• Architectural and interior design concept development
• Furniture, decorative and industrial product concept design and manufacturing