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Europlak was founded in Teramo, Italy in 1972. It owes its continuity in quality and aesthetics to its traditional life with its superior experience and research staff and innovative production principles inspired by technology values. Its sensitivity in design and selection of innovative materials has enabled rapid growth and quality standards. Collections are updated annually by distinguished Italian designers.

It is adopted as a company policy to focus on safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and alternative materials. Europlak continues to increase the importance it attaches to the customer and the environment in its business understanding with the quality certificates it received in 2000. Environmental awareness, which is the primary basis of the company policies, is supported by manufacturing with ecological panels and recycling methods of natural wood without cutting trees.

All Europlak products are produced with great attention to detail. Behind the success of Europlak lies the material selection and precision in the production process.

All Europlak products are delivered with user manual and warranty certificate. These booklets contain routine cleaning and maintenance information to maintain the superior standards of the products.

The adoption of new design criteria, the use of up-to-date materials and technology, increase our quality standard, whereas our production costs enable us to bring the products to affordable prices.

With the decision we make in line with this philosophy, we aim to protect nature more by using ecological products.

Thanks to more than 30 years of know-how, use of advanced technology, continuous trend and preference researches, our customers who want modern life are satisfied with Italy and all over the world.

Where Are We?

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